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May 12, 2014
by nehak

7th Grade Reflection

7th grade has sucked. This year they call “easy” is probably the second worse year of my life (second grade was a low point😑). 7th grade is a black hole of darkness that you can never get out of. My 7th grade year was homework, quizzes, tests, and our favorite…THEM READING NOTES!!

7th grade has also been an on and off cycle of friends. One day your there BFF, then the next day you are near a pool of lemon juice and a bunch of cuts on your arm. Next thing you know your ‘friend’ is pushing you towards you doom. Sorry, it’s just a metaphor for your emotional pain, a really bad metaphor:(.

7th grade is like the pool of lemon juice and your cuts are the emotional pain you experience, and of course your ‘friend’ is leading you to your doom and blah blah blah. 7th grade is tough and like every single 7th grader on the face of this earth classes are NOT an easy A. They are hard A’s, like diamond A’s, maybe even Nokia A. Anyways, before you enter 7th grade come prepared to experience the pain of the report card, the betraying friends, and the Nokia A.

My advice to next years 7th graders: TRUST NOBODY! Not your girlfriend, not your boyfriend, not your friends, and not your parents.
Oh yeah, and don’t trust that pool of lemon juice. And if you don’t want to go through all of this torture: run.

7th grade ends though, then comes summer, eight grade, ninth, tenth and so on until you finish high school. Then all your friends that’s were mean to you will get karma and you will be rich and awesome, so um…. just suck it up and go through the worst year ever, then wait, wait for karma.

– Neha logic

May 2, 2014
by nehak
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Why Homework Is Time Consuming.

“Do you have any homework?” Asks your mom

“No” answers your tired self.

(Goes to bed)

(Wakes up in the middle of the night)

(Shuffles through likes of paper realizing you have homework)

(Does homework at 3 o’clock in the morning)

This is the typical middle and highschooler.


Homework is time consuming. Let’s take my week for example:

Monday: homework

Tuesday: homework

Wednesday: homework

Thursday: homework

Friday: I’ll do it on Saturday

Saturday: I’ll do it on Sunday

Sunday: (does it at 11 clock at night)

And the cycle goes on and on until summer.

Homework is an on going cycle of unhappiness and someone should put an end it.😞


The amount. The amount of homework is big, and the older you get the worse it becomes. You have homework all through elementary, middle, and high school, and the reward for doing homework? College, a place where more homework is given. Example: “Okay class, here’s your homework, it’s not that much though. Just 3 worksheets, 9 essays, and don’t forget you have a quiz tomorrow!”. Let’s do the math ,if the example above it true for every class then since you have 4 core classes that makes you have a total of 12 worksheets, 36 essays, and 4 quizzes. Oh yeah let’s not forget that you have dance from 4-7! My point is that homework comes in loads and it is very time consuming.


I’m not saying that teachers shouldn’t give homework, I’m just saying that they should give us less of it.

April 27, 2014
by nehak

My Favorite Poem

Homework Machine
by Shel Silverstein
The Homework Machine , oh the Homework Machine, Most perfect contraption that’s ever been seen.
Just put in your homework, then drop in a dime,
Snap on the switch, and in ten seconds time,
You homework comes out, quick and clean as can be. Here it is – “nine plus four?” and the answer is “three”. Three?
Oh me…
I guess it’s not as perfect As I thought it would be.

I love this poem so much. I remember this being one of the first poems I have ever read, and I fell in love with it immediately. I was just browsing through a Shel Silverstein book and I found this poem and it made me laugh. Hope you like it. 🙂

April 7, 2014
by nehak

Challenge Week Four and Five: Media and a Memory

You know that one toy that you carried around as a kid, that one toy that you always had with you. When you were eating, playing, or even sleeping you still had it with you. My Pooh bear form Winnie and Pooh was kind my ‘toy’.

For starters I called it boo, like the little girl called the monster in ‘Monsters Inc’. My parents aid it was cute for a while, then it just got weird. Like sometimes I would throw it in the trash because I got mad at it. Sometimes I would even put diapers on it, then throw those diapers away and put new ones on. I wasted so many diapers:). Sometimes I would even feed it food, and when it wouldn’t open its mouth I would give it a timeout. Yes. I was THAT kid.

Sometimes I would crawl downstairs to my parents room and say that Boo was scared. One time I even tried to convince my mom that she should take care of Boo and I should take care of my younger sister who was 2 months old. When I got in trouble I would always blame it out Boo. I guess you could say that she was my…. scapegoat(hehe).

She was my childhood toy and she has really made an impact on me as a person. She let me grow up and also enjoy my childhood. She was my toy and as a child I really did love her, but now she is stuck in the basement along with the other toys that is just a stage in my life.

March 25, 2014
by nehak
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Favorite Apps

These days it’s your electronics that define you. What pictures you have, what type of device you have, and what type of apps you have. I can tell the difference between my dad phone and my sisters phone even though they have the same model and case their apps are completely different. Apps are important because they reflect who you are. Here are some of my favorite apps:

iFunny: This app is very… weird. I just love this app so much, the puns always get me, and the jokes always(not really) crack me up. And I will never forget my love of fandoms or “things you should do in the elevator” joke. Sometimes even the surprise Patricks make me happy. This app is very.. interesting and you should check it out if you haven’t already.

Fat Booth: AMAZING!¡!¡! You can fatify your face! How amazing is that!! With on push of a button, you can see how your face will look like fat. And boothstache ,made by the same company, is also AMAZING. Sometimes I make a really fat person fatter, and then take that picture and put it in boothstache.

Netflix: You can watch anything, and everything(not really). I can watch hours of “Supernatural” or “Orange is the New Black”. I can also watch new movies or even find what movies I should watch under suggestions.

Flappy Birds: Probably the most annoying game of all time, and I suck at it. I’m not even touching the green tube yet I get blamed for touching it. And sometimes I have to tap the screen because if I don’t the bird touches the bottom tube, but it I do the bird touches the top tube!!! My highest score is a 4, and I can’t update the app because it is off of the App Store. But even though it is so annoying it sure  is addicting so download it.

Candy Crush: It is a very old game yet it is soooo addicting. One in a while I pick up my phone to play a level or two on it, and two games turn into three, three games turn into four and so on. Anyways it can be very addicting so don’t download it or instead of doing homework you will play candy crush and if you don’t do your homework your grades will down. When your grade go down will not be able to get into a college. No college means a poor job, and a poor job means no money. No money means bad home. Bad home leads to a weird disease. A weird disease means death because you are too poor to afford medical care, so don’t download this app.

As you can see, no average person would have my apps. These apps define me and who I am. Without them I would be a stranger to myself, and my devices wouldn’t be MY devices

March 17, 2014
by nehak
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Austin’s Very Own P. Terry’s

Doesn’t every meat lover dream of a nice juicy burger with melted cheese and a nice side of fries. Well, Texas has it’s very own burger place called P. Terry’s. This amazing burger place offers one of the best burgers I have tried, and their milkshakes and fries are to DIE for. If you visit Texas you have go to the one and only P. Terry’s.

P. Terry’s is a burger place with amazing burger, and even when you are full and not in the mood for a burger, the minute you are in a 100 mile radius of a P. Terry’s you want to have one of their delicious burgers. Now let’s talk about milkshakes, I love milkshakes. Now I have traveled very far to try to find the best milkshake, I’ve tried Mc. Donald’s, chick-fa-la’s, even Jack-in-the-box’s (that one was actually pretty good), but no milkshake has ever beaten the milkshake at P. Terry’s.

If you do visit Texas, you have to stop at the one and only P. Terry’s. The burgers with blow your mind, and your taste buds will cry in agony for the rest of your life because nothing will ever taste as good as that single burger that you had at P. Terry’s.

Phantom Poem

March 6, 2014 by nehak | 3 Comments

a burning candle

a flickering flame

an ugly face

a small space

lures the dark

captures the opera

hides from light

opens to the music

Christine his love

no longer comes

he stays in the dark

inside his lair

no window

no light

just darkness

like the night

deftly he plans

he plans revenge

wants his love

wants his power

sits on his desk

blood dripping

pen scribbling…

February 20, 2014
by nehak
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Writing is Hard.

Your English teacher says ” blog posts due tomorrow”, and you start to panic. Why? Because you have nothing to write about. Writing is just words on a tree (paper), so why is it important? That is what I wonder. The world is already filled with technology with the annoying yet sometimes useful autocorrect.

Writing is hard, I can’t ever think of anything to write! Like right now, my brightest idea was to write about why writing is hard. I and running out of ideas, I’ve just used all the good ones. It’s not writers block, it’s writers that can’t write anymore because they don’t have good ideas(WTCWABTDHGI), and it has effected many people around the globe, 9/10 people get it. Now y’all might be reading this and say, “wow, she is just blabbing fake acronyms and statistics”, we’ll I’ll tell you one thing, have you ever been stuck with nothing to write, I mean for goodness sakes my last post was about how to ruin friendships.

February 13, 2014
by nehak

How To Ruin Friendships in 8 Simple Steps

You might have that one friend that always gets on your nerves. That one friend that just makes you want to rip your head off, or even just jump off a cliff every time they open their mouth. Do you want to get rid of them? If your answer is yes then follow these 8 easy steps:

First of all, you need to play a game of monopoly, but when they go to the restroom, grab that extra $500 bill! You need to beat your ‘friend’ at a rigorous game of monopoly, they will get mad, but they will get over it. This allows you to have your friend get mad at you from time to time. You also need to brag about this, like REALLY brag. You might think your bragging to much, but are you really? You want to get rid of this person, you don’t want them to come closer, so BE RUDE!! Beating them at monopoly will be helpful and needed.

Next, you want to delete their Netflix app. If they don’t have one(Why were you friends with them in the first place?) then delete an important app to them, like candy crush or possibly flappy birds. They will get mad, say your sorry but shrug it off like its no big deal. This is essential to the process of befriending them because they will think you won’t care. Deleting an important app will really make your friend mad, and she/he will question your friendship.

Afterwards, you need to disagree with your friend, don’t just disagree on the big things, disagree on the small things. Example: “Ugh, I hate the color pink” your friend says. ” Well I like the color pink! Tell me what is wrong with the color pink? Yea tell me (input name) what’s wrong with it! Oh wait you can’t answer that because pink is awesome!!! ” says you. As you can see, disagreeing with her/his every move can make them pretty mad.

Then, you need to make sarcastic jokes, or “no offense” comments. Examples: ” Wow, you sure look ugly, no offense.” or “Wow, you are dumb, just kidding, lol.” These comment will make them doubt your friendship again. Just grab at any opportunity to do this, this will probably drive them from your best friend to just a friend.

Now after completing the above steps you must do this step with precaution, embarrass your friend. It can be from a recording of a friends laugh(Mara) or a video of them dancing. You have to make this embarrassing moment public, this is the moment where they are showing a slight hatred towards you. As science shows, embarrassment is very hurtful towards the human heart, the moment is literally engraved in your heart. That is why you need to to embarrass your friend, she/he will never forgive you.

Next, you need to steal their food, don’t just steal a lousy cracker, or an M&m, go for the gold. A whole cookie, possibly his/her valentine’s present. Food is important to everyone, and stealing someone’s food such as..BACON, CHOCOLATE, or a drink can trigger some deep emotions. Stealing food will get them very mad. The best time to steal someone’s food is either in front of their own eyes or right after they tell you not to steal it.

Okay almost there. Now before the final step your need to do some lying. Say your friend asks you what you are doing on Friday. You Say you are attending your sister’s birthday party. Then next week say you are attending your sister’s birthday party. Your friend will realize that you are lying and will be even more mad.

— Your so called friend should be gossiping about you and how unfriendly you are being. If they aren’t, you have done the steps WRONG.

This is the last and final step, and this is the hardest of them all. Start a fight. Example:

Scene- cafeteria lunch

“Hey, do you want those cookies on your plate?” says you.
“Yeah, no duh. Why do you always steal my food?” says your ‘friend’.
” I never steal your food!!”
“Yes you do, and you also lie to me a lot! I know you can’t have a birthday party twice a week!”
“Okay, that one time..”
“It’s like your trying to avoid me!”
“I am not!”
“And you always brag, embrass, and annoy me!”
” Well maybe we should be friends then!”

Of course your conversation will vary but overall that is how it should be like! See it’s not hard to get rid of that annoying friend of yours, just follow these 8 simple steps.

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